Just Breathe, A Healing Space, LLC


Sometimes life presents us with unforeseen stress, injury, trauma, unique emotions or other unknown factors that trigger pain and/or dysfunction in

the body. Just Breathe, A Healing Space offers services designed to inspire healing and support connection between the body, mind and spirit.


Having previously worked in a demanding professional role for thirteen years, experiencing a personal health crisis, and other challenging life events; I am aware of pain, discomfort and dysfunction in the body. These experiences motivate me to continue my development and education about how to provide nourishment and care that supports relief and ease to the human body.


My intention is to "hold space" for each person. To be present for you during each session. To listen, "walk along side you," without judgement, and share in your journey. May you feel inspired, empowered, participate and be engaged to share, ask questions and provide feedback to grow the relationship with you body.


No matter where you are in life, I am here to assist and support you in healing, awareness, mindfulness and connectedness to your body.

Further, to be a resource of information and education about wellness. 


Accreditations: Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Angel Card Reader (C.A.C.R), Registered Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master.



Inspiration, Education, Supportive & Professional Services...

Therapeutic Massage

Various forms of massage support reduced pain, increased motion and function for longer relief and comfort too.

Therapeutic Stretch

Natural movements to enhance flexibility, circulation, ease and comfort in the body.   

Meditation | Breath

Guided breathing exercises inspire improved respiration, energy, vitality, increased metabolism and feeling balanced.


Instructed movement that follows one breathe with each Vinyasa yoga pose. Yoga has numerous benefits including a reduction in stress, improved breathing and circulation, strength, toning and much more!


Patterned hand movements promote strength, balance, relaxation, and more.

Cupping Therapy

An ancient suction cup therapy stimulates "Qi" (energy) and mobilizes blood flow to heal numerous ailments.



“Robert is a gifted healer. He knows every detail about how the body works, and cares deeply about the whole person. We leave every session feeling much better and understand how to stay healthier.”

— Marcia and Bill Fulton





1777 S Bellaire Street, #165, Denver, CO 80222